Takeout & Free Delivery
5011-50th Ave, Leduc Alberta
Prime Rib - Steakhouse - Pizza

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Hours of Operation

Sunday 11a.m.–3a.m.
Monday 11a.m.–1a.m.
Tuesday 11a.m.–2a.m.
Wednesday 11a.m.–2a.m.
Thursday 11a.m.–3a.m.
Friday 11a.m.–3a.m.
Saturday 11a.m.–3a.m.

Contact Information

Phone: (780)-986-3122

Address: 5011 50th Ave, Leduc, AB T9E 6V9

Please contact us by phone or email with inquiries about our catering services, and we will respond with a quote or Information.

Please contact us by phone for all take out and delivery orders.

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